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Winner of the 1992 Bumbershoot/Weyerhaeuser Publication Award


"Readers of her hard-to-get collections have long known Anita Endrezze possesses one of the most brilliantly impassioned lyric voices we have. Her imagination is effortlessly inventive, tender, tough, amused and amusing. Clearly among our best celebrants of the sensual play of framing love, her gift for a figurative language that intensifies its ground recalls Neruda's, equally fluent in matters of the spirit or the flesh. One trusts her authority with all the mysteries she treats as familiars." - William Pitt Root, author of Faultdancing


"Like the magician's daughter in one of these poems, Endrezze understands the magic of language. These are magical poems of heart and wit, with strong voices, real presence. They stick with you, certain lines you find yourself humming again and again." - Sibyl James, author of In China with Harpo and Karl


"Anita Endrezze's poems are totems to becoming and being Woman and part of earth's culture. Though filled with sorrow, loss, and irony, the poems generate passion, joy, and renewal. The best of them are remarkable for the way their images wing from the pages and captivate and charm the reader's imagination." - Lonny Kaneko, author of You Make My Silence Sing


"Anita Endrezze's hand at the helm of twilight logs one soul's journey into the meeting of sensual and spiritual, darkness and 'the light that passes through stones.' 'The salt compass of her desire' tracks 'our lust both ripe and raw,' the sad ways the heart boils dry,' and 'the balancing/between faith/and what they eye knows is really true.'" - Jody Aliesan, author of Grief Sweat

At the Helm of Twilight - Anita Endrezze

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